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Brief history of Wiehler Gobelin

Wiehler Gobelin is a company that specializes in hand-embroidered tapestries, sewed with special threads by skilled craftsmen/craftswomen. Gobelins are inspired from famous paintings or religious art. The company was founded in Berlin in 1893 by Jakobs Wiehler.
The artist was The Late Giovanna Maria Nardocchio, who was born 1935, in Sydney, N.S. Canada. She comes from Italian parents, her father immigrated to Canada in the early 1900's. She worked for many years with the Canadian Federal Government, retiring in 1997.
Maria NardocchioMaria was a very talented individual whose hobbies included knitting, lace making, crocheting and needlepoint, especially the petit point stitch, which she mastered.
As her love for petit point grew, she stitched thousands of hours in order to produce these pictures, copied from some of the famous masters of the art world.
When purchasing a kit, the chart for the picture called for a needlepoint application, a more rudimentary stitch, whereas the instructions for the petit point application, indicated one stitch per block, but this would only produce a picture which would be one quarter the dimensions of the finished picture she desired.
She modified the instructions of the petit point application, so that the picture would have the same design dimensions however, required more than four times the labor, resulting in a finer tapestry of higher quality and richer color.
These pictures were all rendered more than 20 years ago, and have been professionally framed by the masters of their trade.
Maria took exceptional pride in her work and she wouldn't allow sunlight to mar her pictures. Periodically she removed the backing to polish frames and clean the glass.
To those who are aware, the petit point stitch is the most sophisticated type of embroidery, which requires an extra-ordinary, exact technique, demanding the maximum skill from the artist.
Maria had mastered them all.
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